Living Your Best Life at Home

Cooking, politics & job tips

Allison Task

Allison Task

Certified career & life coach

Living Your Best Life at Home
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Join certified life and career coach Alison Task for this informative course exploring ways to enhance your home life. From a family-friendly meatball recipe to activism, career paths, and quarantine routines, get advice that will help you live positively and productively, even during a pandemic.  

What You'll Learn

  • How to cook up a great meal and profession from your home

  • What it means to find your voice in a time of political and racial injustice

  • Ways to avoid perfectionism, harness creativity & develop routines


6 Episodes

1. Fuss-Free Meatballs


Start having more fun in the kitchen with this easy, quarantine-friendly, and delicious meatball recipe for the whole family.

2. Black Lives Matter: Time to Speak Up


Hear Allison’s thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement, and how we can all be part of positive change in our society.

3. Perfection is a Trap


Find out how Allison avoided the trap of perfectionism and kept her creativity and joy alive.

4. Structure Yields to Creativity


Learn how to manage your time, get your work done, and remain creative by committing to some structure while you’re stuck at home.

5. Co-Create the Job You Want


Explore ways to design your own profession from the confines of your home, and encourage employers to collaborate from the start.

6. My Morning Routine


Discover Task’s daily routine, including how she handles anxieties and prepares for success.

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