Yoga for Life

Yoga tools to peel back the layers, to find compassion and love

Colleen Saidman Yee

Colleen Saidman Yee

“The First Lady of Yoga”

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There is an underlying belief that somehow, we aren’t enough, that we are unworthy frauds and losers. Colleen will give you yoga tools to peel back the layers, to find compassion and love for the person that is living in your body, and to live the present moment fully, complete with all of its glory and pain. 

What You'll Learn

• How to alleviate the pressure to be perfect

• How to release fear and anxiety

• How to forgive and liberate yourself 

• How to organize and prioritize to reduce stress


11 Episodes

Trailer: Introduction to Yoga For Life


1. My Story – Know you are enough


“My Story – Know you are enough” – this episode will give you a run through of my life from being a child that tried to be perfect, to an accident that left me with a traumatic brain injury, to drugs for relief, to modeling to yoga to the realization that I am enough and perfection doesn’t exist. I will give you tools to realize that you too are enough.

2. Self Love with Judge Lynn Toler


Thisepisode will take you on a ride of how we beat ourselves up and how to notice and shift. Judge Toler talks about her unrelenting anxiety and how she has found a way to find balance and not let it run her life.

3. The honoring and releasing of fear and anxiety


“The honoring and releasing of fear and anxiety.” Not all fear is created equal. Thank God we have fear as a primal response when in danger. But, how do we turn it off because 99% of our fear is exhausting and not necessary.

4. Addiction has many forms


A conversation like none that you have ever heard from 2 Buddhist Monks about addiction. Sensei’s Chodo and Koshin bring humor and depth and experience to the subject that effects us all – addiction in an attempt to find comfort.

5. Forgiveness


Quite often we feel like revenge is necessary or that one is not deserving of forgiveness – even if it’s yourself. We will learn tools to clear and purify the body from the toxicity of lack of forgiveness.

6. Sex, Love and Spirituality


7. Intimacy to Productivity


A conversation with Kate Northrup. Kate will talk to us about how being intimate with the body and it’s cycles can make us more productive in the world.

8. Organize Priority


9. The Necessity of Grief and Service


In this episode, we will talk to Roshi about her years of serving the dying. Death and grieving are often subjects that we shy away from or are desperately afraid of. Roshi Joan will speak to us about the complexity of grief and the relief of service, We will talk about tenderness and compassion. Joan has a unique and powerful way of conversing about a heavy subject in a lighthearted and profound way.

10. Re-cap


Take-aways to uncover joy and realize that you are enough. 10 reflections and action points from the prior 9 weeks with Colleen.

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