Start Your First Online Business

Start Your First Online Business

A novice entrepreneur’s guide

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4 h 28 min
11 Episodes

First-time digital entrepreneurs look no further: learn how to create, market, and grow an independent online business in this 10-part audio course taught by Omar Zenhom, a Wharton Business School drop-out and popular business host of The $100 MBA podcast.

What You'll Learn

  • The ins and outs of entrepreneurship, from financing to team-building

  • The basics of starting a lucrative business in the digital age  

  • How to build a website and successfully market your company  

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  • Omar Zenhom
    Omar Zenhom
    Co-founder & host of The $100 MBA
11 Episodes

Start thinking like an entrepreneur, and find out what it really takes to launch a business—from what to expect to what to avoid, and how embracing failure can ensure success down the road.

Next, it’s time to start moving your business from concept to reality. Get Omar’s take on setting your business up for profitability from day one—including how to turn a profit, and how to avoid sinking into debt.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various funding and budgeting options, and find out why getting your first online business off the ground might cost far less than you think.

Learn how to find and engage an audience of potential customers, and hear why Omar believes this should always be the first step in creating products people will actually buy.

From easy drag-and-drop tools like SquareSpace and Weebly, to bare-minimum hosting services for the more tech-savvy, get informed on the best options for designing a website that maximizes traffic and conversions.

Gain insight into the importance of selling low-overhead items to create low-investment growth early on. Plus, get applicable tips on how to generate profit you can quickly reinvest to scale up.

Decipher the difference between value and price, and learn how to make every purchase a no-brainer for your customers. From setting prices to crafting offers, Omar explains how to communicate an ROI (Return on Investment) that truly gets people excited.

Get the most out of your investments with powerful tools that help you operate like a pro—even on a startup budget. From email software to payment processors, get Omar’s advice on what you need to support your business affordably and scalably.

Develop communication strategies that help build and maintain buzz using free and paid options. Follow Omar’s lead and learn to leverage your network and audience to ensure you’re sending the right messages at the right times.

Finally, learn who you need and how to find them. By investing in the right people and positions, you can maximize revenue per customer and build a team capable of scaling your business. You can’t go it alone forever, and in this lesson, Omar explains how to make effective early hires with growth in mind.

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