Change Your Day Job

Finding satisfaction at work

Rich Jones

Rich Jones

Founder of Paychecks & Balances

Change Your Day Job
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The average recruiter spends only six seconds looking at each resume. Can you make a good impression that quickly? Learn how to smoothly transition from one job to the next as recruiting veteran and Googler Rich Jones tackles the daunting task of landing yourself in the “yes pile” at your next gig.

What You'll Learn

  • A relatable, step-by-step process for pivoting careers

  • How to identify your passion and find new job opportunities

  • Tips for speaking with confidence and negotiating job offers


8 Episodes

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1. Determining What’s Important (The Big 3)


Get started by considering what you want in a job and why. Understanding your own motives will give you confidence when you need it most.

2. Doing the Research and Creating a Plan


Now that you have your Big 3, it’s time to define your ambition, and devise a strategy to achieve it.

3. Identifying Transferable Skills


Put your plan into action as Jones teaches you to recognize the skills you already have that will carry you to new heights.

4. Thinking Like a Recruiter


Hear one former hiring manager’s approach to candidate searches. Plus, learn how to optimize your profiles so you don’t miss out on jobs.

5. Navigating Interviews


Increase your confidence by learning how to master phone, on-site, and virtual interviews.

6. Evaluating and Negotiating Offers


Make the most of your job offer with these key tips.

7. Succeeding in Your New Role


Get prepared for performance reviews, and learn to ensure professional progress.

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