Excelling at Remote Work

How to run your home office

Brian Honigman

Brian Honigman

NYU adjunct professor & marketing advisor

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Working at home is a more viable option than ever before. But what's the trick to succeeding as a remote professional? Get a 60-day action plan from NYU adjunct professor Brian Honigman, and learn to embrace the benefits – and to sidestep the pitfalls – of communicating, collaborating, and thriving in the world of remote work.

What You'll Learn

  • How to be a successful remote employer or manager 
  • Ways to optimize your home for a healthy work-life balance 
  • The importance of maintaining a collaborative company culture 


9 Episodes

Trailer: Introduction to Remote Work


Get a brief course overview, and begin to consider the benefits and downsides of remote work.

1. The Benefits of Working Remotely


Learn what it really means to work from home, and why there may be more advantages than you think.

2. Productivity Practices to Embrace


Explore ways to increase efficiency by optimizing your workspace, maintaining motivation, developing productive routines, and setting strong boundaries.

3. Communicating Effectively


Dive into tools and best practices to ensure you and your coworkers stay aligned and on the same page despite working in different spaces.

4. Collaborating as a Remote Worker


Get tips on the interactive elements of working from home, including leading virtual meetings, building teams, and developing company culture.

5. Managing Remote Employees


Develop and hone your approach to supervising and guiding direct reports in a work-from-home world.

6. Getting Hired as a Remote Worker


Fine-tune your job-hunting and virtual interview skills to maximize your marketability for a new remote role.

7. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Working Remote


Get advice on dealing with distractions, fighting boredom, and balancing the demands of your personal and professional lives.

8. Getting Started With Remote Work


Use this as your guide to achieving success in your first 60 days of a new job that requires you to work from home.

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