Confident Communication
4min2020 AUG 29
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What’s the best way to spark another person’s interest––to get them connected, engaged, and invested in an idea or a new venture? For film producer Brian Grazer, whose book A Curious Mind chronicles his adventures over decades of having weekly “curiosity conversations” with accomplished strangers, the secret is curiosity. Approaching them with genuine curiosity about who they are and how they think, and igniting their curiosity with an “olive branch” in the form of one or more great questions.Treat conversations with new people as an act of generosity. Offer up some information. Bring an olive branch to the conversation by commenting on something of interest to the other person.Find a way to intersect with the speaker’s unique psyche. What is this person going through emotionally?This is an opportunity to understand how the speaker’s emotions inform what she hopes to do or achieve professionally. What is this person’s purpose in life? What does she value?