Confident Communication
4min2020 AUG 29
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First he learned English, then three years later Hector Ruiz graduated valedictorian from his Texas high school. Ruiz went on to become a leader in the information technology and consumer electronics sectors as an engineer, corporate strategist and chief executive.For all his hard work and success, Ruiz understands that he couldn’t have done it alone. He learned from a young age that there is no shame in relying on others, and he carried this skill over into his business life. In this lesson, Ruiz explores how establishing a community of learning and practice can help you and your business grow.In Life – Learn to rely on othersAsk for help when you need it; return the favor when others are in need of your skills and expertise.In Business – Establish mutually beneficial relationshipsNo business can succeed in isolation; share expertise, cross-pollinate ideas and exchange services for a better bottom line.Partner with other companies when competing with a bigger player in your spac...