Confident Communication
15min2020 AUG 29
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Jack D. Hidary built his career as an entrepreneur in the finance and technology sectors and is currently focused on clean energy technology and policy.From conference crashing to crowdsourcing, Hidary is a serendipity junkie and master of maximizing the returns on relationships made in-person and online. In this lesson, he explores the ways in which serendipity can be sought out and harnessed on a day-to-day basis.The Basic PrincipleIncrease your value. Think of yourself as a multi-faceted gemstone.In-person Encounters: The Art of Conference CrashingFind nearby conferences on topics outside your professional field and personal interests.Ask for permission to audit.Get to know the language of your shamans.Leverage your perspective as an outsider.Don’t follow directions; create a networking schedule instead.Devote time to workshops.In-person Encounters: Visioneering ExercisesDiversify working groups across departments and areas of expertise.Allot specific time and space to focused b...