Confident Communication
8min2020 AUG 29
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In conflict and competitive scenarios, even in the ordinary course of business, it’s easy to fall into a siege mentality, viewing the other side in black-and-white. They’re the enemy. Their values are fundamentally opposed to those that you and your organization represent.The trouble with this is that regardless of whether the situation is ultimately win-lose or win-win, dehumanizing your adversary is a losing strategy. In fact, as difficult and counterintuitive as it may seem, you’re much better off seeing things from their point of view.Red teaming is the practice of exercising compassion and empathy for your adversary, with the aim of pragmatic, strategic gain.Offer unorthodox analysisWhen entrenched in conflict, it’s difficult to set aside the conventional wisdom of the people in your group.Assemble a Red Team to assume the role of your adversary. What would you be feeling in this context? What would your next move be?It’s difficult to make strategic predictions when you do...