Confident Communication
7min2020 AUG 29
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It’s easy to get so wrapped up in trying to achieve our goals more efficiently that we lose sight of the fact that collaboration is our species’ superpower. Most of the greatest things we’ve been able to achieve have been the result of the meeting of minds. So as important as it is to organize your life, it’s at least as important to learn how to connect with other people, opening up to them in the moment and enabling them to do the same. After almost 300 episodes (as of this writing) of hosting his podcast You Made it Weird, Pete Holmes has learned a few precious things about how to have a great, open, present conversation.GreenlightingDeclare the conversation a “safe space”. The idea is for both people to practice non-judgment.Build trust. Assure the other person that the conversation will stay between the two of you. (And be sure to honor your intention.)InterruptingUse interruption strategically: to build creative flow between the two of you, to foster honesty in the other...