The 7 Secrets of Success

Principles of Mastery Taught by Masters

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson

Famous Actor of NBC “The Office"

The 7 Secrets of Success
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This course delivers the distilled wisdom of internationally renowned author Malcolm Gladwell, Google CFO Ruth Porat, legendary investor Peter Thiel, Wharton professor Adam Grant, and two TV icons, Rainn Wilson and Bryan Cranston. These true thought-leaders teach universal principles that can be applied to any profession in any industry. 

What You'll Learn

  • How to use failure to get to success

  • The principles of reciprocity and balance

  • Tactics to chart your career and gain mastery in your field


7 Episodes

1. Reframe Failure (Rainn Wilson)


Before playing Dwight Schrute in “The Office,” Rainn Wilson struggled as an actor in New York for more than a decade. Find out how failure played a vital role in his own spiritual journey.

2. Seek Out Success (Peter Thiel)


Peter Thiel's ability to anticipate opportunities led him to sell PayPal in 2002 and make the first outside investment in Facebook. Learn how to find success by seeking out paths that are more adaptable and entrepreneurial.

3. Be a Giver (Adam Grant)


In Give and Take: A Revolutionary New Approach to Success, Adam Grant wrote, “Although we often stereotype givers as chumps and doormats, they turn out to be surprisingly successful.” Explore how you can use give/take relationships to advance your career.

4. Find Career Success (Bryan Cranston)


Like Bryan Cranston, who worked for a long time as an actor before landing the roles that made him a household name, you will probably need to spend the early part of your career plugging away, networking, and taking less ideal opportunities.

5. Command Your Career (Bryan Cranston)


When the hard work pays off, and you find yourself in-demand, what do you do now that you're being presented with more opportunities?

6. Master Your Craft (Malcolm Gladwell)


True mastery is probably simpler than you think. Learn how Malcolm Gladwell’s famous 10,000 Hours Rule really works, and how to apply it to your own craft.

7. Balance Work and Life (Ruth Porat)


All the success in the world isn’t worth much if you’re miserable at the end of the day. Learn from Ruth Porat, the CFO of one of the biggest companies in history, how to prevent a high-powered career from ruining your life.

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