That Conversation

Communication as a key to healthy relationships

Judge Lynn Toler

Judge Lynn Toler

'Divorce Court' Arbitrator & Judge

That Conversation
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Through Judge Lynn Toler's work and her 32-year marriage, she has learned and teaches a practical approach to actively managing romantic relationships. In this, her first podcourse, she tackles the critical topic of communication as a key to healthy relationships.

What You'll Learn

  • How to communicate effectively to make relationships easier

  • How to understand what’s happening in your partner’s head

  • How to set up circumstances for a successful conversation

  • How to talk about difficult topics

  • How to shift a conversational dynamic from argumentative into communicative


The Fight In The Family Room
11 Episodes

0. Introducing That Conversation


1. That Conversation


It’s a cliché because it’s true. Communication is the key to a good relationship. This Podcourseis about That Conversation. And when I say That Conversation I mean every conversation youhave with your significant other. Effective communicate makes relationships easier. ThisPodcourse dives deep into the things you need to know to get this particular tool to work forthe two of you.

2. What’s Happening in Your Head


Absent an understanding of who you are and how you feel you won’t be able to accurately convey what you want. This episode is about getting in front of how you feel so you can have That Conversation with the person you’re in love with in the most effective way.

3. What’s Happening in Their Head


You can’t communicate effectively unless you understand what you’re being told. And you can’t understand what you’re being told if you don’t understand just who you’re talking to. This episode is about how to make sure you understand what your significant other is telling you. That changes everything.

4. The Nitty Gritty


In this episode we’re going to talk process and procedure: conversational hacks to help you setup circumstances for a successful conversation.

5. The Art of Listening


Hearing is what happens when sound waves hit your ear. Listening is what your brain does with that information you do. It’s harder than you think. This episode is designed to help you listen well.

6. Difficult Topics


Couples have to talk so much so often and about so many things. From the mundane to the madly intimate. Money, sex, kids and those interlopers, you know, baby mommas, family, friends and that crowd that is social media. In this episode we talk about why some conversations are so hard to have and how understanding what makes them so difficult will help you get through them.

7. Starting an effective conversation


There is no one right way to have all of those conversations you need to have with the person you love. So you have to have a lot of tools at your disposal to see what method and manner of communication works the best for the two of you. This episode is about the process and procedure of starting an effective conversation. News you can use to tinker with your talking so it can get you where you’re headed.

8. Redirecting the Trajectory


People are creatures of habit. We tend to return to what we’ve done before even if it’s not working. That’s true with conversations too. Couples tend to have the same argument or the same types of arguments over and over again. This episode is all about changing that dynamic so you can start having new and different conversations more likely to give you positive results.

9. Building a Foundation of Love


This episode is all about those day to day conversations that feed love and commitment. When, what and how you talk to each other when nothing is at issue helps create a relational tone. It’s about all of the small things you can do and say that set you up for success.

10. So Let’s Review


In this episode I’ll review what we learned, answer questions and tie up what we discussed.

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