Growth Marketing 101

As seen at Google & Slack

Holly Chen

Holly Chen

Former Slack & Google Growth Lead

Growth Marketing 101
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Learn how to grow a company, master the new disciplines of ‘Growth’ and ‘Growth Marketing,’ and hear about the people, strategies, and myths behind growth from Google and Slack’s Holly Chen.

What You'll Learn

  • How to effectively market a business for hyper-growth 
  • How to grow a company through SEO optimization & advertising best practices
  • How to guarantee growth through successful product management 


11 Episodes



1. How Was Growth Born?


Explore the evolution of marketing over the last decade, including how it used to be defined; how Hotmail, Airbnb, and LinkedIn mastered growth hacking; and how the new discipline of Growth was born.

2. What Is Growth?


Learn about the importance of growth, learn a helpful framework for user behavior metrics, and more.

3. Growth at All Costs


Using, Groupon, and Homejoy as case studies, we take a look at the real-life rollercoaster ride of business growth.

4. The rise of Growth Marketing and Growth Product Management


Continue to explore the principles of Growth Marketing through the lenses of product management, analytics, engineering, and design.

5. Growth Marketing channels


Take a deep dive into social media, content marketing, SEO, advertising, and more

6. Growth Product Management


Learn about product-led growth through Holly’s own personal experiences of success with Slack.

7. Key principles in driving growth


Discover a customer-centric approach to ensuring growth, from addressing your audience’s needs, to identifying your metrics, and experimenting.

8. Grow with $0


Get the fundamentals of low-budget growth, as you develop the tools to amplify a brand affordably through SEO, content marketing, social media, referrals, and more.

9. Grow with $1M


Expand your horizons into high-budget growth, as we explore how search ads, display ads, social media ads, events, and more, can help get you on the path to hyper-growth.

10. Growth team


Fine-tune your hiring skills as Holly walks us through identifying strong “growth people,” and advises on how to build a strong growth team and culture.

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